Three day cruise: Where is Bugger Bear Cove?

Friday evening the crew sailed the Blue Heron from Steele Creek Marina to Bugger Bear Cove where we met our Mates who were setting up camp. Since there was not enough room for everyone to sleep on board, we drew straws to see who would camp on land. The campers used the inflatable Gryphon to go ashore. Mates Mike and Ben had prepared a wonderful Dutch Oven meal for the sailors, and of course there was a cherry cobbler for dessert. Saturday we launched the Falcon at the boat ramp in Bugger Bear Cove. We spent the day sailing both boats out in the lake, in temp. over 100 degrees! At one point we found ourselves in the middle of a regatta surrounded by colorful flying spinnakers. We managed to get out of the way and decided next year we will try to join in the fun. Early evening we sailed back to the marina for supper and camping. Later we power washed the Blue Heron after dark by the light of our headlamps – it was much cooler working at night!

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