Winter Scrabble Sail


We went sailing with the Steele Creek Yacht Club on Kerr Lake on a very cool and windy day –  mid 40’s with abundant sunshine and W-NW winds 5-10 knots. Sea Scouts sailed on the 38′ yacht Palisades.  A total of 15 boats participated in the “Scrabble Sail” event.
The challenge: Choose a word and spell it out by sailing to each buoy letter in the correct order. Sailors must make a 360 degree turn around each selected buoy, take a photo and return to the finish line with the completed word by 1500 (3:00 PM).  Scores were based on points for each letter in the word using the Scrabble scoring. Sounds easy, right? Not so easy when the wind is coming from the direction where the high point buoy is located and the clock is ticking. Strategic decisions and constant adjustments were needed to stay competitive.
Our boat crossed the finish line at 1458 (2:58 PM) with a complete word for 11 points.  The winning boat also had 11 points, but crossed the line a few minutes ahead of us.  Kerin was at the helm most of the time. The captain of Palisades gave the prize awarded to him to Kerin.  Later we took our Catalina Capri 22 Blue Heron out for a spin until the sun set and the temperature dropped back down into the 30s.

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