Scuba Certification- Florida Sea Base ’13

2013 – 7
Review by: Crew Leader Mary S.
How to encapsulate what this week was like? One word: incredible, on many levels. It was truly something special and unforgettable for each lucky participant.
Incredible People. We’ll begin with our crew. Our introductions commenced at Miami Airport after an already long day. We were impartial strangers, yet our future together was still unknown to us. However little things slowly drew us together, even on the ride to Sea Base- Past adventures, hopeful dreams, playful humor. Our lives were worlds apart so how could we possibly mesh into a crew? I believe that through the commonality in Scouts, our shared desire for scuba certification, and by the grace of God we merged into an elite team and colorful family. It truly was a blessing.

Incredible Staff. Our first instructor was Dave who could be described as a tan Jersey boy. Dave was knowledgeable, excelled at teaching, and always had a smile. Our other instructor Keith, described as a skydiving redneck, shared the same traits. They were always supportive and humorous yet took the dangers of diving seriously. This excellence allowed us as participants to learn and develop at an alarming rate. We were also spoiled with our boat captain and crew hand. Captain Bert was an older gentlemen but had a giddy personality and a genuine desire to serve and teach Scouts. His crew hand, Cody, looked like the typical beach bum with a toned physique and bleach blond (literally bleached) hair. He nonetheless was a joy to be around. So with all these motley individuals why wouldn’t the week be a hit?

Incredible Scenes. What lurks below in the watery depths is truly breathtaking. Fragile coral, harmonious schools and fascinating feeding frenzies. Not to mention the sheer joy of weightlessness after hauling those heavy tanks everyday. Near the end of our adventure we swam among a reef that Dave described as the best dive he”s ever been on. The most incredible scene was one of a gigantic school of silversides. You could swim into the pack, look around, and not be able to see to the other side due to the sure vastness of the group. Observing these tiny creatures move in perfect synchronization reminded us of National Geographic documentaries. From the minute details of the coral to the vibrant queen angelfish to the silent nurse shark, the Coral reefs are a reflection of God’s beauty and creativity. We as novice divers can now only be more curious as we reminisce.

Incredible Experiences. Scuba diving is never a one-time deal. It’s a new world , so different yet so similar. And sharing those memories among friends only heightens the experience. But we will remember: the friendships, the views, the humor, hopefully not the seasickness, and the dream that became a reality.
All in a short week At Florida Sea Base.

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